SkulShock Main Server -
News 11/24/2015: - I'll be looking to get some new admins to help run the server, if you're on the server regularly (3-5 nights a week) and are interested email me
News 11/23/2015: - I (amclint') have taken over the server from Dirty`Dave and Rogue77`, I'm in the process of getting stats fixed and we will be getting a website going again.

If you have any map suggestions (to add) or changes to the rotation (map broken, too repetitive, etc) please email me as I'm not on all the time. There are maps that crash the server and we need to know which ones they are so we can clean them off. I'll be starting a teamplay server again, and I'm thinking about a RolePlay / Sniper(instant kill) server as well.

If you have any suggestions please email me
*Use of the ` in your name indicates you are a SkulShock regular

-Don't be a jerk
-Do not spam sounds or voice
-No teamplay
-No spawn camping
--No killing out of spawn protection
--No slams at spawn points
-No player abuse

Follow admin direction, all of the above rules are enforced at admin discretion. Admin reserves right to kick anyone at anytime.

If you have any complaints or concerns email the server owner at

Master Admins: | amclint' | Dirty`Dave | Rogue77' |
Regular Admins: | Statik' | notaa (elmo`) | DP (wanker`) | BaLLzDeeP` | gman` | LazyS.O.B.` | GLoomis` | smogboy` | SeLLaR`DweLLaR | GoTDTruth`